Saturday, March 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day #2

OOTD: March 16th 2013 

T-Shirt: H&M Jersey Top in Plum
No longer have this color in stock but get same type of shirt here: H&M
Sweater: Brandy Melville Caroline Sweater
Get It Here: Brandy Melville
Leggings: Floral Leggings from LC Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohls
No longer sold, but get other LC floral leggings here: Kohls
Booties: Madden Girl Ecker Booties
Get Them Here: Polyvore
Necklace: Bird Pendant Necklace From Francesca's Collection
No Longer Sold but Browse Francesca's Necklaces Here: Francesca's Collection 


  1. Someone once gave me the advice of putting a personal touch on these types of posts by you being in them! My blog was once just other people's pictures but since I have been adding more "me" into it, I get a lot of positive feedback, I'd love to see more "you" <3

    Amanda of Prim and Propah

    1. Thanks for the advice! I definitely want to work on adding more of a personal touch to my blog.

      This is my picture though. I styled this outfit, and put the pieces together. These are my real clothes. lol
      In the future I will try to take some of my OOTD pictures with me actually wearing the outfits. :)

      XOXO StaceyAnn