Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feel the Love: A Valentines Day Fashion Guide

Lets face it, we all want to feel beautiful on Valentines day (even if we are single) but most of us can't afford to go out and spend hundreds on a single outfit just to feel beautiful. But we also don't want to wear an outfit that has well out worn it's welcome in our wardrobe. We want something new, something flirty, something trendy. That is why I have gathered together three perfect outfit ideas that every girl can rock this Valentines. So whether you've got a romantic date planned, or you're going out with a few friends, or like me you're planning to stay home avoid the holiday all together, here are some outfits that will make you look and feel your best without breaking the bank.

All items mentioned are from Forever 21, but you can find similar pieces at many other retailers.

If you are among the lucky ones that have a romantic evening planned with your special someone (which by the way I'm totally jealous), then I recommend taking the time to really get dressed up and go all out. I mean, every girl wants to feel like a princess, and what better time to dress like one than on Valentines day. Try pairing a blush pink colored lace dress with some totally awesome black pumps and a black quilted cross body bag. This fun and flirty dress is totally perfect for the occasion, and will have your special someone feeling like they won the lottery with you.  

Lace Back Dress

Satin Platform Pumps

Heart Lock Shoulder Bag

If you're heading out for a night on the town with friends this outfit is the perfect balance of comfort (for all that dancing you are bound to be doing) and style. Try pairing a light pink buttoned up blouse with a pleated black leather skirt. Add some platform nude wedges and an awesome black studded clutch to complete the look. After all, the leather skirt is a must have statement piece for any young fashionista and is guaranteed to drive all those single boys crazy. ;)

Longline Contrast Pocket Shirt

Faux Leather A-Line Skirt

Patent Peep Toe Wedges

Structured Studded Clutch

Now just because you don't have a date this Valentines doesn't mean you can't get in on the fashion fun. As a girl, being alone on Valentines day doesn't mean you want to look like a slob (because that can make you feel 10 times worse about being single). You want to look good (and feel sexy) and there is no reason why you shouldn't. So if your plans include curling up on the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn and watching every single Nicholas Sparks movie ever made, then this is the perfect outfit for you. It's simple, comfortable and perfect for sitting on the couch (all night). Just pair a cute oversized sleep shirt with some good old fashioned moccasin slippers, throw your hair up in a messy ponytail and wa-la you are lookin' good and feelin' chill.

Love You Nightdress

Suede Moccasins

If you want to checkout more clothes from Forever21 just click here: Forever21

Whatever you're plans are this Valentines day, I hope you have a wonderful time, and I hope you feel like a million bucks. :)
<3 Stay Passionate, StaceyAnn


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