Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk

I was looking through some pictures of different collections shown at fashion week and was wishing I could wear some of the outfits I saw. Of course everything on the runway is far to expensive for me to even dream of owning, as I'm sure is true for most of you. But it got me thinking, that it would be cool to try and re-create some of the designers outfits using cheeper pieces from clothing stores I can actually afford. It ended up being quite a fun little experiment; going to different online stores, and looking through their clothing to try and spot the perfect shirt, skirt, etc, that most closely resembled the one on the runway. I highly recommend doing this if you too want to be seen in the most current and on trend looks. And it just goes to show that anyone really can rock the 'runway look' without the 'runway price.'  
XOXO StaceyAnn

My Favorite Recreation

The Look on the Runway:

Jason Wu- Fall 2013 Collection 

The Look Done My Way:

Pointelle Striped Sweater
  • Price: $76.00

Journee Collection Appeal Peep-Toe Booties - Juniors
Original $44.99
Sale $40.49