Friday, February 22, 2013

Tips for School Style Suave

Looking your best, and dressing trendy for school is often quite hard to achieve. Especially when your alarm didn't go off, so you woke up late, and didn't have enough time to get ready. Or when you are one who despises early mornings and you never has the patients in the early hours to put thought and effort in to your look. It also doesn't help that these days, thanks in part to the ever growing media, you are feeling the added pressure to look as if you stepped right off the runway and into the school hallway. When you're strapped for time, but still want to look beautiful and effortlessly put together, without appearing as if you are desperate for attention, or are trying to hard, things can get pretty tricky. So if you want to look effortlessly beautiful, but don't feel like you have the time or energy to do so in the morning here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

-Plan out your outfit the night before. Or plan out all your outfits for the week on Sunday night. That way you will never be scouring your closet for anything resembling 'acceptable school attire' and wind up wearing your grey swat suit that you normally only deem acceptable for at home lounge wear.
-Shower at night. This one is obvious, but if you are struggling to find time in the morning, but are still showering in the morning, switch it up. Showering at night not only saves you the extra 15 minutes from your showering time, but also saves you the time it takes for you to blow dry your hair.
-Keep it simple. Try not to make your outfit choice to complicated. A pair of jeans, or leggings, and a cute top, or a skirt, paired with a sweater, or even just a simple dress, and a cardigan. are all perfect choices. The more clothing pieces you have to put together, the longer it will take to get ready.
-When in doubt, wear Uggs. Ugg boots go with practically everything, and if you find yourself running low on time, and are indecisive about which pair of shoes best matches your outfit, more than likely the pair of Uggs that are sitting in the back of your closet, will match perfectly.
-Use the 1,2,3 rule when it comes to makeup. If you have five minutes or less to do your makeup, then remember; Mascara, Blush, Lipstick, in that order. Apply Mascara first, Blush second, and Lipstick third. In my opinion these are the only true essentials when it comes to makeup for school. If you have more time to put into your makeup then go for it.
-Skip the eye shadow (and even the eyeliner). Opt for bold lashes, and allow them to be the focal point of your look.
-Comfort is essential. Keep in mind that you are going to be wearing your outfit at school all day and you don't want to be uncomfortable. Theres nothing worse than sitting in class with a pair of jeans on that is two sizes to small, and feeling like you are going to die because you're pretty positive that the pants are crushing your insides.
-Confidence is key. What ever you wear, be sure it makes you feel good. If you like what you're wearing, and it makes you feel confident, people will notice. So when planing your outfits, make sure they are what YOU want to wear, not what you think you're 'supposed to' wear.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you feel good, and confident. Wear what you love, and don't give into the pressure of feeling the need to look a certain way if you don't want to. Just be you. 
XOXO StaceyAnn

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