Sunday, February 10, 2013

Patterns Patterns Patterns!

Recently I've really been getting into the whole patterned leggings trend. I mean comfort and trendy all in one, it doesn't get much better than that. Now I know this trend has been around for awhile and it took me some time to join the bandwagon, but hey at least I'm on it now, right? Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores to get patterned leggings from, they have so many styles to choose from and are pretty reasonably priced. Here are just a few of my personal favorites...
I absolutely love the beautiful Baroque detail on these pants, they are so unique yet versatile. Just pair them with a solid colored black, white, burgundy, or forest green top and a pair of combat boots and you're good to go. 


For those who may not feel so daring when it comes to patterned pants, but still want to rock this trend, this pair is perfect for you. The abstract detail on these pants is a more subtle way to rock the look. I think you could pair these pants with any plain colored top, and some UGG boots, and you'd have yourself a perfect casual, and laid-back, but very trendy outfit. 
 BDG Abstract Legging
$39.00 On Sale:$29

You can find the Vertical stripe trend everywhere. From magazines to the runways, even Miley Cyrus has recently been spotted wearing pants like this. It's an edgy and far more flattering take on the stripes trend. These pants look great paired with a pair of chunky black shoes, and almost any style top from a blouse, to a graphic tee. Whatever your style you can definitely find a way to rock these pants. 


Camo is a huge trend this winter season and these camo patterned pants are one of my favorite ways to rock the trend. They are simple enough, that they don't overwhelm people with there 'camo-ness' but still a statement piece all on there own. Pair with a simple white tee, a black leather jacket, and some kick ass distressed combat boots and you are good to go. 


The bright colors in these pants really draw attention to your outfit. So there's no need to find a piece of statement jewelry or a fancy top to pair with these bad boys. They speak for themselves. I would describe them as Loud, and lovely.  


These pants are perfect if you want to add a little edge to your outfit. They are totally badass but not so badass that they can't look girlie and feminine. Pair them with a cute collard shirt and some suede booties and you've got yourself a great looking feminine yet edgy looking outfit. 

If you want to check out the rest of the patterned leggings at Urban Outfitters, just click here:

When rocking this trend it's important to remember to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. You want your pants to be the focal point of your outfit, and you don't want to draw attention anywhere else. But be creative, have fun, and rock those patterned pants girl.
 <3 Stay passionate, StaceyAnn

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